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Author of the Month: Jimmy Broccoli


AUTHOR OF HEAVY METAL HORROR AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: JULIE HINER Julie Hiner is an author of heavy metal horror. She spent endless hours during her childhood lost in the pages of books and listening to the metal gods of the 80s. To this day, Julie is a hardcore 80s rocker at heart.After securing a computer science…

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Book Review: Wolf At the Door

Once upon a time in a house deep in the woods of Northern BC, a strong, thoughtful woman invited all her family and friends to Thanksgiving dinner¬—her parents and in-laws, convict brother-in-law, divorcing neighbours, and her two children: ten-year-old Tommy and his teenage sister, Charlotte. There were twelve in all, as one couple didn’t appear;…

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Agatha Christie’s
Best Opening Lines

Sheila Hudson

Coming March 23rd

From Chandeliers, Hang Angels
Without Wings

Jimmy Broccoli

Coming March 25th

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Charmaine Hammond
Victoria Bennett

Coming March 27th

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