A Remembrance of Things Imperfect – SATURN

It is the beginning of a clear May morning.
I am running down the stairs,
quickly and excitedly,
with my neighbours following me.

We all want to see Saturn.
It just fell down
in the communal vegetable patch.

Celestial Kaleidoscope

There it is,
lying in the middle
of a freshly tilled bed of soil,
looking exactly like itself.

A combine of farmers
is walking round it,
scattering seeds over the earth
with wide sweeps of their arms.

I approach it gingerly,
taking care
not to step in the fertilizer.

Now I am standing right in front of it.
The innumerable icy particles
of its rings swirl;
beguiling patterns
of shapes and colours
pop up for an instant,
and are then supplanted
by new alluring configurations.

No earthly contraption
could ever equal
this celestial kaleidoscope.

Inexhaustible permutations
of light and form
enchant me,
and I lose myself
in a rapture of contemplation,
forgetting everything else.

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In mythology, Saturn is the God of Agriculture.
Saturn’s rings consist of countless particles which are made almost entirely of ice,  and which range in size from specks of dust to the size of a small automobile.

Artist credit: Alicia Pacheco AKA Kuro

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