Author of the Month: Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Opal Writers Magazine || MARCH 2022

Author of the Month Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Author of the Month: Mark Leslie Lefebvre. Books and writing have always played a significant role in Mark Leslie Lefebvre’s life. His first short story appeared in print in 1992, the same year he started working in the book industry. He has continued to grow and expand in those parallel yet complimentary tracks, ever since. And he is passionate about sharing his insights from both sides to help other writers learn, prosper, and avoid the pitfalls and perils that exist in both traditional and indie publishing.

Mark’s highly successful experience in the publishing and bookselling industry spans four decades where he has worked in almost every type of brick and mortar, online, and digital bookstore. His industry experience includes President of the Canadian Booksellers Association, Board Member of BookNet Canada, Director of Author Relations and Self-Publishing for Rakuten Kobo, Director of Business Development for Draft2Digital and Professional Advisor for Sheridan College’s Creative Writing and Publishing Honours Program.
As a writer, along with his Stark Publishing Solutions of books to help writers navigate publishing and bookselling (such as Wide for the Win and An Author’s Guide to Working with Libraries and Bookstores) he has published more than twenty-five books under the name Mark Leslie. Those titles include urban fantasy action thrillers (A Canadian Werewolf in New York, Fear and Longing in Los Angeles), paranormal non-fiction (Haunted Hospitals, Tomes of Terror) and anthologies (Campus Chills, Tesseracts Sixteen).
Mark has hosted a weekly podcast (Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing) where, since 2018, he interviews authors and industry folks to share insights and perspectives on the realities of the business of writing and publishing. He also regularly speaks to in person and virtual groups around the globe about the writing and publishing world.

Author of the Month: Mark Leslie Lefebvre

There has never been more opportunity and options for writers.
But with choice come potential pitfalls, traps, and career-limiting plays.
Some of the perils come from nefarious operators seeking to prey on the hopes and dreams of writers. Other dangers may come from within—tendencies and traits authors sometimes overlook, misunderstood information, or even well-intended, but misguided and misinformed advice.
Drawing upon the author’s more than three decades of experience in writing, publishing, and bookselling, the book explores the pitfalls and hazards that writers should be aware of so they can navigate their own pathway to writing and publishing success.

Author of the Month: Mark Leslie Lefebvre

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