UK vs US Spelling as a Canadian Writer

As a Canadian writer, I often find myself in a unique position. As a child in a commonwealth nation, I grew up learning the British spellings of words, the metric system, and with the Queen on my coins. But with the USA as a bordering neighbour (neighbor), and most TV and film media coming from the States, their influence on Canada is undeniable.

Creating Emotionally Rich Characters

The characters we create don’t come into being on the first page of the manuscript, they need backstories full of brokenness, just like us. The emotional events in a character’s past will determine the decisions she makes, how she acts, and the lies she tells herself.

Writing with Humour

Using Humour In Your Writing

Every story can benefit from some type of humour. Humour engages your readers, makes characters relatable, and imitates real life.

Giving Constructive Writing Feedback

If you belong to a writer’s group or know other writers, odds are that they will ask you to give feedback.