Conquering Comprises


Yes, I am tallAnd towering tooTowering in all aspectsIn appearance and aspirationsIn fame and in faith Yes, I knowI am not expected to surpassAny man in any areaMay it be in education, in earningsAnd of courseDefinitely not in stature Yes, I knowI am not suitable for many of youThose tuned to chooseGirls lesser in every …

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Book Review: Wolf At the Door

Once upon a time in a house deep in the woods of Northern BC, a strong, thoughtful woman invited all her family and friends to Thanksgiving dinner¬—her parents and in-laws, convict brother-in-law, divorcing neighbours, and her two children: ten-year-old Tommy and his teenage sister, Charlotte. There were twelve in all, as one couple didn’t appear; …

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AUTHOR OF HEAVY METAL HORROR AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: JULIE HINER JULIE HINER Julie Hiner is an author of heavy metal horror. She spent endless hours during her childhood lost in the pages of books and listening to the metal gods of the 80s. To this day, Julie is a hardcore 80s rocker at heart.After securing a …

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Train Season 2

TRAIN Into the Valley of Madness SEASON 2

Episode One Inspector Sam Wakes looked around, his mind trained to expect the unexpected taxed to the limit of its training. He stared accusingly at the Conductor and said, “When, or, if we ever get back to reality I am arresting everyone involved in this fiasco, especially you, the hotel manager and…” The Conductor cut …

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Travis Lock Mysteries: The Girl in the Hologram

DONALD H. ROBERTS I inhaled a burger made from laboratory beef and a synthesized bun with hothouse fries and washed it down with a good old-fashioned beer made on Earth. Randy’s Nostalgeria Bistro was packed with mid-afternoon transferees waiting for the train to Lunar Station #3, the only international terminus orbiting the moon. Most people …

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