Avoid Delays and Create Your Effective Plan to Jumpstart 2022

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
~Benjamin Franklin

A new year or a new quarter inspires many people to rush into making resolutions: write the book – find another job – learn a new skill. They either cease doing or start doing something new. Unfortunately, the vast majority will give up within a few months, never seeing the outcomes they desire.
Create The Plan for Success
A Plan is …
As small as a bullet point list.
As large as a massive program of intricate details paired with a time-resource-team-actions to execute, and then monitor to course-correct at every junction following a detailed steps in the right order.
Your plan is simply the roadmap to follow that will take you from where you are now, to something, someone, or someplace you want to be.
How do we do that? Sometimes we get in our own way. We overthink. When it comes to planning, the answer is often to simplify.
The good news is that the infrastructure to support your roadmap already exists. There is no wheel to reinvent. No one direction guarantees success, nor is it limited to only one direction. Some routes will be easier to complete than others and some routes will require outside help.

  1. Get S.M.A.R.T. Goals with End Dates
  2. Reverse Engineer to Create Your Required Steps – (and put them in order)
  3. Identify and Fill the GAPs

Your 2022 plan should inspire you, motivate you, because it’s part of your Vision and Mission – what you want so badly.
It’s true, no matter how detailed you plan, something always gets missed. Sometimes things fall out of the clear blue sky to disrupt you.
That’s ok, because you’ve created your plan with build-in flexibility to deal with it.
No more distractions, no more disruptions. Time to get work done.

To your powerful 2022!

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