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Cozy Mystery

Book Catalogue, Madhouse Murders

Madhouse Murders: A Glad Girls Book 5
by Cappy Hall Rearick (Author)
The Glad Girls are back again and this time getting into even more trouble. Darlene Funderburke, former 1960 Mountain Laurel Queen is convinced a UFO landed in her driveway. The trouble is, nobody believes her. She tells the local shrink about it but that is a bad idea. He plunks her shapely tush into a hospital for mental observation where Darlene makes friends with a woman who thinks she’s Princess Diana and another woman who thinks she is Mary Magdaline and holds regular conversations with Mother Teresa. The remaining three Glad Girls, Claudette, Bailey and Aunt Polly launch a rescue mission to save their friend, but not before patients at the Habitat for Tranquility turn up dead.

Books by Sheila S Hudson

Nadia moves back to her hometown to assist her family with the family business – Carlton Manor- which is the only funeral home in Alto, GA. She is confronted by her ex and discovers a body in their hearse which has been painted Pepto-Bismal pink by the town thugs. Nadia becomes friendly with a local detective who becomes a familiar figure.
Nick and Nadia’s mom moves to Florida with the promise of funds to redecorate and buy a crematory. This idea literally blows up. Meanwhile Nick’s brother in law is assaulted in the Congo which calls for his assistance. Nadia and Sadie face a gunman, come under fire from the Mafia, all while supervising a major clean up and restoration of Carlton Manor. Nadia’s old editor enlists her to write a humor column under a nom de plume and Grave Consequences is born.

Grave Consequences
by Sheila S. Hudson (Author)
What do lacquerware, twins, and mummies have in common?
Nadia, Sadie, and her new ginger-headed friends find out as they investigate bizarre happenings in Alto. Nadie has two new love interests – one of whom Sadie has her eye on. This presents strife while a premature birth adds to the stress. Matt returns from undercover assignment creating a triangle of ultimate interest.
Grave Consequences tells all.

After her father’s demise, Nadia bid goodbye to city digs to begin anew in her hometown of Alto, Georgia. Her brother had asked for her to assist in running the family business, Carlton Manor, the only funeral home in town. The quiet little burg panicked when a frat boy died suddenly. A few days later, Nadia and Detective Colsen were called away on their ‘date’ to discover a hearse painted Barbie pink with a dead body inside. Things only worsened when Uncle Joe disappears, and the first body had to be disinterred. Nadia and Sadie, investigate a poultry farm. Mix in the return of an ex-spouse, a mysterious blonde and Voila! You have a mystery straight from Crimes from the Crypt.

When the Langford’s pet dies, the members of the Thursday Club investigate. One of Suzy’s ex-husbands, a coroner, determines that the cat was poisoned by ricin from the Castor plant. A suspicious fire engulfs a wing of Golden Palms and destroys evidence. When Clara is taken ill, the CRASH group pulls out all the stops to find the killer.
A cruise seemed a perfect antidote for Clara’s recuperation from her close call at Golden Palms. Tom is off to New York to finalize his memoir book deal. Ten days at sea is just what the doctor ordered. What could go wrong? Only everything. When a shipmate is threatened, then falls and hits his head and dies, the Thursday Club pool their resources to unmask a killer and much more.
The Thursday Club ladies check into the Monastery of Good Faith for a much needed retreat. Instead of making stained glass treasures or cultivating bonsai, Clara, Roxy, Amy, Suzy, and Hattie find themselves in a sinister plot where monks continue to sicken and die. Think Golden Girls meet Ms. Marple with a swirl of Murder She Wrote. Where they venture, nothing remains the same.
Smuggling black coral, poison victims at the monastery, and funerals for critters can’t keep the Thursday Club down for long. They are off to Vegas baby where what happens there stays there – or does it? Hattie’s niece and nephew orchestrate a bridal shower which turns out to feature not one but two deaths. Are they murders? Only time and the Thursday Club will sort that out.
Roxy agrees to direct the community production of Arsenic & Old Lace. Auditions were enough of a nightmare when a very dead man appears in the window seat. The entire cast barely recovers from this shock when Hattie is taken in for questioning. Surprise family members are revealed and the play on stage mirrors real life. Throw in a wine tasting gone awry and a visiting chimpanzee and you have a recipe for hilarity and murder.
ll Tom and Roxy Thibideaux want for Christmas is a little peace and quiet. But that goes out the window when Amy, Clara, Howard, and Hattie arrive in New Orleans. Not to be outdone, Suzy and Tony arrive in town just in time for the rounds to the best cuisine of the city.
With the holidays and wedding celebrations ended, you would assume that the Thursday Club would settle nicely into the new year. But you would be wrong! Howard Saunders, Hattie’s new husband, buys a former bed and breakfast to renovate for his new bride. Contractors discover a body under the flooring. Other corpses appear and the adventure begins. Who are these victims? When and how did this happen? And what are Howard and Hattie to do? Roxy and the Thursday Club step in to solve the mystery of the boneyard. Meanwhile the community determines to turn this heinous crime into something beneficial.

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Mystery Thriller Suspense

Books by Susan Calder

Deadly Fall (A Paula Savard Mystery Book 1)
Author: Susan Calder
Paula Savard’s life takes a dangerous turn when her childhood friend is murdered on Calgary’s Elbow River pathway. Evidence suggests her friend was coming to Paula for help with a desperate problem. The murder brings Paula into a world of entrepreneurs and politicians used to getting what they want. All of them want something from Paula. Do they fear her friend told her too much? The more Paula learns, the fewer people she can trust. She won’t be safe until the murder is solved. When the police abandon the case, Paula must pursue it alone, before the killer strikes again to bury the last secret.

Winter’s Rage (A Paula Savard Mystery Book 3)
Author: Susan Calder
A hit-and-run driver kills a pedestrian one cold winter’s night in Calgary, Alberta. Insurance investigator Paula Savard becomes convinced the hit and run was murder.

Ten Days in Summer (A Paula Savard Mystery)
Author: Susan Calder
Calgary, Alberta, gears up for its ten-day Stampede festival. When a hoarder dies in a suspicious house fire, adjuster Paula Savard sets the revelry aside to handle the property insurance claim. But Paula’s interviews with the hoarder’s bickering heirs raise questions. What are they hiding from each other and the police? Are they trying to help or to sabotage the investigation?

Dealer’s Child (Jade & Sage Thriller Series)
by Joanna Vandervlugt (Author)
Jade Thyme must delve into her mother’s free-spirited past if she wants to prove her father was murdered and hadn’t died from a cocaine overdose.

The Unravelling (Jade & Sage Thriller Series
by Joanna Vandervlugt
Jade Thyme celebrates successfully defending her ex-husband Jules Cranbury on a murder charge. Her celebration is short-lived when she finds Jules murdered.

Into The Madness (Paperback – Nov. 18 2021)
by Donald Harry Roberts (Author)
Anything that has a beginning and end is an illusion. Anything that has a beginning and end is an illusion. Anything that has a beginning and end is an illusion.

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Life in Slake Patch – speculative fiction romance
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
Page after page revealed a life unthinkable. Evan could not imagine the possibilities. Images of men and women with children sitting, eating, and playing together in strange dwellings, so different from their log structures. Some made of a smooth, consistently shaped stone of sorts, while others towered above ground with shiny, gleaming
surfaces. There were no words to express the amazement. Surely, these pictures were the wild imaginings of a person possessed; they could not be true – especially compared to life in Slake Patch.
Evan’s first exposure to this inconceivable life was through a trusted friend and mentor, Jacob. Shared through the secretive exploration of banned books and creative storytelling, Evan internalized the great tales of fantasy. Life prior to the Grand War was lived differently. Change came to the world due to that drastic event thus calling for extreme measures. Wise old Jacob could see the Grand War as reason enough for society to evolve in a fundamental way.
Intrigued by the stories and burdened by the concepts he found to be desirable, Evan’s existence comes into question when he sees that
maybe these unbelievable truths—things of the past—weren’t all that bad…

Rython Legacy – sequel – medieval fantasy romance
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
Born a new sorceress, Maralynn faces an uncertain future with an ominous portent hanging over her reign as Eldenma. Her exceptional powers are soon noticed by one, who will take advantage of them for their own deception. Maralyn unwittingly allows her powers to be turned to the dark side as she matures. The object of her desire and that of the deceiver are the same. Maralynn becomes a welcome guest at court, the prince falls for the mysterious young woman and the plan is advancing but an event separates the lovers and love is replaced with anger. Maralynn must choose to follow the path of light or be consumed by darkness, destroy or save the one she loves and his kingdom.

The Rython Kingdom – medieval fantasy romance
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
A former knight renowned for his battle honours travels the land to delight lords and ladies with his tales. With a summons from the King, Guillem travels to court, unaware he is a pawn in a vengeful witch’s plan. The famed troubadour attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale, one he never told before imagined from a dream. His suspicions of hidden dangers are raised by a mysterious servant, whose identity is masked by magic. With the help of a wizened old woman, and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit the witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. He ultimately finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana.

The Commodore’s Gift – steampunk adventure romance
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
Fighting against society’s feminine expectations, Owena’s excellent strategic and swordsmanship skills come to the fore after an attack and imprisonment of villagers. Running for their lives, a small group escape persecution but find new dangers ahead. Propelled into the world of rebel forces, she joins the battle against the Buldrick Empire. After seeing the failings of the rebel encampment, she makes changes – some well received, others not. Her unlikely champion is a giant of a man, who is feared by all. Their mutual respect and his acceptance of her as an equal propels them to organize a win or die fight to restore the rightful King to the throne.

The Twesome Loop – reincarnation romance
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
An eighteenth century picturesque Italian Villa holds a hidden past of a pact between two lovers to live forever. They believe their deadly secret will die with them but in their last moments a vengeful spirit follows them into the abyss. Decades later, four modern day guests, all craving a unique and lasting love, experience flashbacks of their past lives. The betrayed wife running from her deceitful husband, the lonely widower unable to find love again, the adulterer searching for the ‘one’ who will accept his specific cravings, the camgirl in search of fulfillment. Attractions, jealousy, forbidden love, all play a part in making the past collide with the present, and the subsequent repercussions.

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Ockleberries to the Rescue – children’s fiction chapter book
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
Woodland sprites, Tansy and Crispin help all the forest animals, with their ailments or injuries, no matter how big or how small. The healing potions and practices they use were handed down generation to generation. Living in a home built within the roots of a magnificent old oak tree, the two sprites and their animal helpers, remain hidden from human eyes. Crispin wishes to find a long-lost cave filled with ancient healing books and potion recipes. No matter where he travels in the forest, he searches for it. Always hoping… Will he find it? What is the story behind the cave? When humans come into the forest – what happens? Follow the adventures of Tansy and Crispin and meet their forest animal companions.

Rumble’s First Scare – children’s fiction – Halloween story
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
What do little monsters do on their first scare? Rumble’s mum is going to show him all the tricks to frighten an earth child in their long box. Join Rumble on his first scare on All Hallow’s Eve!

Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria – YA adventure fiction
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
A robotic protector, an invading creature, and four friends on an adventure…
Join Lenni, Troon, Braze, and Nevis on their terrifying mission to seek out and destroy a creature intent on invading their planet.

Clickety Click – YA fiction adventure
Mandy Eve-Barnett (Author)
Its eyes widened as it grew closer and closer to her face. Alice was paralyzed with fear, clutching her bedcovers with white knuckled fingers. The creature’s mauve skin glistened with slime and drops fell onto its spindly pointed claws. Alice opened and closed her mouth willing her voice to sound in the dark bedroom. The claws clicked together… as the monster’s jaws opened. Click. Click. Clickety-Click. What future awaits Alice? Are her guardians who they seem? Will the monster reveal itself? These questions and more are answered as Alice realizes a secret kept for generations.

Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids
Allison Gorner (Author)
Blaze is a Super Agent Ninja Kid and he’s teaching his little sister Tulip to become one too. But Tulip wants to be a ballerina. Not a ninja. Can they learn to cooperate? Will it be enough to complete the ultimate mission and save their home from the stinky diaper bomb?
Follow Blaze and Tulip as they discover that their differences make them stronger, and together, no mission is too hard for the Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids.
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Letters from My Dead Sister
Naomi P Lane (Author)
As a child growing up, we have no awareness of our family’s mental health labels. Having a sister with bi-polar manic depression was my version of normal. Nobody tried to explain this totally out of control teen as anything unusual. Recently, finding a collection of her letters has allowed me to piece the puzzle of our lives back together.

Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life
Barbori Garnet (Author)
Are you looking to have more freedom, flexibility, and independence in your work and life?
In Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life, you will be inspired in setting up an office space at home, discover advice and encouragement in interviews with remote workers across North America, and find takeaways at the end of each chapter to summarize information and key points.
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