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My name is Tina Ruiz, but I write under the pen name of Tina Griffith. I was an author of children’s books while I was raising a family, but I began to write novels after my husband of 25 years passed away. I soon found myself exploring other genres, and after taking a few writing courses, I am now a multi-award-winning author of 30 children’s books and 14 novels.

I decided to take a year off from writing, but after I saw the realtor pictures of the fireplace in the house which my brother bought in July of 2021, something stirred inside of me. When I learned that this was the same house where Jim Garrison was born and had lived as a child, my heart began to race.

As the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Jim Garrison was the only person in history to bring someone to trial for the murder of John F. Kennedy. He fought the men who made up the Warren Commission and debunked The Magic Bullet Theory. Jim Garrison was also a best selling author of several books, and three of them were solely about JFK. In fact, in 1991 one of his books was made into a movie called, JFK.

My brother suggested that I put a film cartridge in the chimney and have someone find it many years later. While I contemplated how this would work, my mind was already outlining the story.
Suffice to say, A Frame Of Time is filled with nail-biting suspense, shocking details to some unnecessary murders, riveting questions and answers about why things had to happen the way they did, and the compelling reasons why Libby’s video needed to be kept from the prying eyes of the entire world.
This book will also capture your heart as you watch how one couple’s love grows stronger in the 60’s, and how another couple works through their somewhat difficult journey in 2019, after they find the elusive film cartridge. According to nearly a dozen reviewers, “Each chapter of this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, as you slowly make your way to the jaw-dropping ending.”
A Frame Of Time is sold in most book venues around the world, and before you buy it, you can click on the ‘look inside’ feature and read the first three chapters for free.

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