Inside this Issue: Romantic Subplots Spice Up a Novel, 6 Ways to Break Into Freelance Writing, Panelist Protocol, Writing Memoir: Getting Closure, and so much more!

Creating Emotionally Rich Characters

The characters we create don’t come into being on the first page of the manuscript, they need backstories full of brokenness, just like us. The emotional events in a character’s past will determine the decisions she makes, how she acts, and the lies she tells herself.

8 Tips for Submitting to Writing Contests

8 Tips for Submitting to Writing Contests

One way to get your writing noticed is to have short stories or poems published in a writing contest. You may win or be ‘placed’ for your submission and can then utilize your achievement to raise awareness of your writing.

The Good Deeds of Kenny the Koala


There once lived Kenny the Koala, who was a really decent chap. He always walked around with a smile on his face and was at all times kind and considerate to everyone around him:

Return to In-Person Writing Events

The fall book promotion season is almost here. Will events be largely online, as they’ve been for the past two and half years of this pandemic? Or are people eager to return to in-person festivals and conventions? My guess is both.