Myles to Go Before We Eat

Myles To Go Before We Eat

CAPPY HALL REARICK Happy Thanksgiving to All Our U.S. Friends Mayflower Captain Myles Standish is the reason for holiday stress. In August, he invited the Indians to a Labor Day party, got them roaring drunk hoping they would tell him where the wild turkeys hung out. Promising more firewater, he then talked them into teaching …

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Children Make Good Writing Partners

Children Make Great Writing Partners

Part of my writing discipline includes jotting down things children say. They are a great source of inspiration, humor, and wisdom.

Too Many Choices

Too Many Choices Equals PROCRASTINATION

It’s good to have choices but often I have so many choices for my writing that I cannot pick one. It’s a trick of the procrastinator to list or to survey all the choices and ignore the fact that there is no focus.

The Pen of Plenty

"Take this, Boris! May it serve you well," the booming voice commands. A hand, holding a shining writing implement, extends towards me. I was all of thirteen years old when the Hand from Above bestowed the Pen of Plenty upon me.

Marketing Steps

I’m not marketing – I’m generating mail for myself. That makes it so much easier than pressuring myself to advance my writing career.