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JACKIEM JOYNER, Author of MINOR ASSASSIN is our Featured Author in the JULY ISSUE

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JACKIEM JOYNER has loved Science Fiction ever since he was a child, fascinated by all the stories and imaginations of futuristic worlds. But it wasn’t until later in his life, after experiencing huge success in the recording business, that he decided to put pen to paper – the result of which is his debut novel, Zarya.

Gathering from his experiences traveling the world as a recording artist, he developed a knack for good science fiction stories after reading several books a month. Having used and operated many devices from the future, he incorporated exciting equipment and imaginary scientific ideas into dramatic thrillers that are sure to keep readers on edge.

Jackiem was born in Norfolk, Virginia and spent most of his young adult life in Syracuse New York before moving to Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. In addition to writing fun stories, Jackiem Joyner has experienced huge success as a recording artist, with multiple songs peaking at number 1 on the billboard charts and 5 international records released.

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Jackiem Joyner

About the book

Jon’s carefree life in the suburbs of Las Vegas is turned upside down by a horrific crime, but he’s only eight years old — how can a kid fight back and hope to win?
Taken in by mysterious strangers, Jon starts a new life in a secluded village, but can he trust them to help him do what needs to be done? When Jon learns what really happened back home, a terrible resolve hardens inside him.
Will he ever be able to deliver his retribution? Transformation — when it comes — is irrevocable. Will he find his enemy? And can he survive long enough to reunite with what is left of his family?
Features Spy tech, intense martial arts, and weaponry.

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