Terry Shepherd wrote his first short story at age eleven and was first published as a non-fiction author in 2008. He created Detective Jessica Ramirez in 2019, publishing his thriller “Chasing Vega” in 2020. The book earned 5-Star ratings on Amazon and is also available in audio book and Spanish language editions. The second installment in the trilogy, “Chasing The Captain” was released in the fall of 2021 with “Chasing Karma,” Jessica’s third adventure slated for release this summer. His most recent book is “Students In Time,” a science fiction time travel adventure that parallels the 4th grade public school history curriculum.

Terry is also a prolific book narrator and audio-artist, voicing 7 novels, along with dozens of commercials and promotional trailers.  He hosts the popular Authors on the Air podcast, and was an early social media adopter, authoring “Social Media and Your Personal Brand” in 2012 and the forthcoming “Social Media and Your Professional Brand,” slated for release this summer.

Terry and Colleen live on the ocean in Jacksonville, Florida and are co-founders of “Down Syndrome Nation” a web resource for friends and families of persons with Down syndrome.

When his grandchildren began asking questions about the Pandemic, he and his wife, Colleen co-authored the award-winning “Juliette and the Mystery Bug” series.

Mystery Bug was a true labor of love,” he says. “Kids of all ages can be frightened by the unknown. We began to see those fearful looks in our grandkids’ eyes, so we decided to present the science surrounding germ theory and the habits that help keep us healthy in language they could understand. We specifically wrote the book without mentioning Covid. The skills apply when any Mystery Bug appears, and the story is an ‘evergreen’ read which parents can pull from home libraries every flu season.”

“The fascinating challenge was translating the evolving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention into content kids could easily memorize. Getting the science right was essential. The fun part was applying the poetic style from my own childhood reading of Dr. Seuss to the tale.”

“Casey’s illustrations are wonderful for visual learners. And so many of us remember ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ Parents have told me Mystery Bug reminds channels warm memories of their parents reading Dr. Seuss to them.”


Juliette and the Mystery Bug – The Complete Edition is available in both soft and hardcover and digital at Amazon. Learn more about Terry at

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