Creating a Compelling Content Strategy

How Do You Create Compelling Content for Your Target Audience To Love and Consume?

It sounds easy, but it can quickly become daunting, especially when thinking about all the competition scrambling to capture their attention too.

For some, it’s overwhelming to start a content campaign. It becomes more overwhelming to continue when all your hard work doesn’t produce results. While there are many paid services to consider, many can be out of reach financially. If your content continually falls flat, it can rock your confidence and limit your ability to help others. It may be that you haven’t found the right connection trigger for your target audience.

For others, their content already receives plenty of social reactions, but that doesn’t necessarily put money in your pocket.  

Social Media LIKES Don’t Pay Your Bills

It’s great if your content posts receive ‘Likes’, but those social reactions do nothing to drive sales required to keep your business healthy and reach your target audience.

There are many social platforms that do well and engage their audiences. LinkedIn has the greatest conversion rate for business owners by far.

While this information will focus on LinkedIn content primarily, it also applies to all content on other social and digital platforms.

Your purpose in social media is to use your content to meet your target audience where they are; and convince them to move to another location where they’ll get more converting content.

The question becomes: What content will have the greatest conversion rate with your target audience while also attracting similar audiences?

How To Create Compelling Content STRATEGY for Your Target Audience?

There are three critical sections for creating compelling content to obtain tons of traffic, abundant appointments, and converting conversations:

  • One:    Build a Target Audience Profile (per niche)
  • Two:    Create Content that focuses on your Target Audience’s Greatest Challenges
  • Three:  Expand Reach and Visibility with a Consistent Content Delivery System

Each section is important on its own, but only a congruent strategy that includes all three will help you overcome lacking visibility, credibility, and especially profitability.

Begin by building a Target Audience Profile

First, I cannot stress the importance of the research phase of your Target Audience Profile. This helps you gain a deep understanding of your target audience’s biggest challenges from their perspective and how you can meet them where they are and solve their problems.

Second, catch their attention by demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of their problems.

And third, create the content, not only with the word selection, but the imagery, media, platform where they will consume the information.

Skyrocket your reach and visibility, simultaneously increasing your credibility and trust, to convert to sales.

Deliver a strategic blend of long-form and short-form content divided into series leading to a well-defined converting funnel. Keep your target audience captivated while you build your credibility.  
(*More about short form content next month*)

If you feel like you’ve got the plan and all the tools you need to create Compelling Content for your target audience, go be great!

However, if you feel like you need help with any one or all sections to build, create, and deliver Compelling  Content, then feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help you.

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