“No, my friend. There is nothing in it that you don’t already know. The problem is you have not allowed yourself to see the whole picture, only those parts that are easiest to see and touch. But if you were to open your spirit you would discover those parts that are nestled in the depths of your mind where all things, all knowledge lives.”

“But I have tried with all my heart to reach into those depths and have indeed witnessed the gate and once I even stepped across the threshold but all I found was darkness.”

“You must open your mind’s eye to see, not your heart. Your heart is the companion of your mortality. Your mind’s eye is the companion of the Etheric Plane where all things are.”

“You mean my imagination.”

“No, Son. It is far beyond that. Forget the physical. Energy is the key, so often referred to as the spirit or soul, but it is pure energy that inhabits this mortal vehicle and it can leave at will to explore the reaches of existence that our mortal eyes can not see, our fingers cannot touch and our subconscious minds can only vaguely perceive. But it is our subconscious mind that acts as a conduit, a messenger between the energy spirit and the conscious mind.”

“Mother said I shouldn’t listen to you when you start talking this way. She says you are delusional.”

“Yes. She would say that because now her mind is shut up like a drum, but it was not always. Once upon a time, she could see outward and sometimes her energy would wander into the Etherworld. But then she lost it all to the façade of singular reality. It’s a shame really. She was talented.

“But what is the point to it? Why abandoned your body to travel…ah…into this Ether-place? Is there a purpose to it. What value can be gained.”

“So your mother has been putting things in your head. Ah well. I have tried.”

“No. No. Grandpa. I believe you. I believe. I get it I think. It is not about mundane values. It is what it is, but try as I might I just can’t see it.”

“Patience my grandson. First, you must learn to daydream, which adults mask by calling it meditation, a clearing of the mind. You can not clear your mind my Grandson but you can reach into the subconscious and that will open the way to the Etheric Realm. But it takes time to learn, time to master and time to do so on command. But when you do find the way I promise what you find in the Etheric Plane will pale your mundane existence and that is the value of it.”

“Mother said I should stop daydreaming. I do it a lot, but at the wrong times, I guess. I stare out the window at school and imagine things. Things that dance on the window and sometimes grow in the schoolyard beyond.”

“My Grandson. Choose your time well. Drift when there is no one to interrupt you. Gaze out your bedroom window on a stormy day, or at night, or on days when you are alone and won’t be disturbed and before long, since you seem to have come so far already you will embrace the Etheric Light.”

By Donald Harry Roberts

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