The Spider and The Cobweb on the ceiling ,
the man in her life,
Staring at the insect, for her survival,

Her eyes couldn’t blink watching her new friend,
Her day would pass murmuring to the insect,

Love like Termite was feeding her Heart,
She was smiling with sparkling eyelids after long,

Like band of colours portraying different emotion,
She was becoming frail and weak,

She cried out, to pronounce her anguish,
Her lips from ages were summoned to pin drop silence,

He was the last resort for this quadriplegic frame,
His hissing sound ,was the most soothing lyrics, to die in peace!

AKANKSHA AGARWAL is a multifaceted artist — a poet, dancer, singer, painter, musician and a home- maker par excellence. She gleefully embraces the diverse experiences and perspectives of life and pours it out in her creative pursuits. They spread an aura of happiness and love.
Akanksha writes from her heart, dreams with her heart, and being a people’s person, lives with her heart.

Opal March Cover


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