Journaling For Writers

Some Reasons Writers Should Journal

With already not enough time to get in all the writing needed to work on story outlines, meet book deadlines for editors, publishers, and others, why should writers add journaling to their writing schedule?

Journaling is a great place to get clarity

Because, a journal is a great place to work out feelings and emotions in life in such a way that it provides clarity to what a writer may then decide to include in a story. A journal can be the first place to go and seek solace in to sort through what you have experienced and felt before it goes anywhere else.

Another excellent reason for writers to journal is to write down your goals, plans, and dreams for you as a writer and for your writing. This can be especially encouraging when you feel stuck or are losing direction in your writing. You can go back to your journal and review your goals and plans. Then, you can journal more or make a new journal entry about whether and why your writing goals have changed and the steps to take to reach your goals.

Journaling may help you notice moments of inspiration

A third reason to journal is to record and remember moments in your day-to-day life. It may seem that not much happens in your life. However, by taking the time to write down daily occurrences, you can look back and notice happenings and events. You might notice things such as when you had the most inspiration and the circumstances causing this burst of creativity, what day you submitted your query or manuscript to an agent or publisher, or when you were accepted into a residency, anthology, or other publications or opportunities. These can be encouraging to you as writer. In addition, keeping a journal of your life’s moments can be a help should you decide in the future to write a memoir or autobiography of your life or describe a certain event or time in your life.

Journaling can be rewarding

Journaling for writers can be very rewarding as well as relaxing. With so many good reasons and benefits for writers to journal – capturing feelings, goals, and daily happenings – this will soon become an enjoyable addition to your daily writing routine.


Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts professional – writer, artist and musician – based in Calgary, AB. She finds lots of inspiration from and enjoys being in her family’s fruit, vegetable and perennial garden and likes to spend time in the mountains.

Barbori has a BFA in Painting & Drawing and an MA Communications in Public Relations.

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  1. Stuart Danker – Malaysia – A Malaysian writer who's been in the no-niche niche for a decade. His debut novel, Tinhead City KL was published in April 2021.
    Stuart Danker

    Great post by Barbori! I’ve kept a journal for a few years now, and it’s been my guiding light for life. It’s highlighted the areas I’ve been slacking in, and helped record the random writing ideas I get from time to time. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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