Jimmy Broccoli

Jimmy Broccoli is a Library Branch manager by day and a published poet by night with a mission to inspire his readers through imaginative poetic storytelling. His work has been featured within several publications – with Jimmy’s first two full collections of poetry, “Damaged” and “Rabbits” available through Amazon. His third collection, “Boy”, is scheduled to be released in mid-2023, while his first “children’s” book (it’s adult satire), “Mommy, I Can’t Find My MFing Socks” is due out soon after.

Jimmy is the collector and editor of the poetry anthologies “Spotlight” and “Encore”, both of which include the poems of 83 worldwide poets with all proceeds from sales benefitting non-profit organizations that help pet owners struggling to afford food and veterinary care for their 4-legged loved ones with the funding necessary to keep human/animal families together.

Jimmy is co-Administrator, with English poet Lucie Sargeant, of the Facebook poetry group We, the Carnivalesque and he fairly frequently performs live poetry readings and offers in-person book signings and meet-and-greets. The “Down the Rabbit Hole” Winter Mini-Tour 2022 – 2023 (Georgia, USA) recently concluded and the “One Pill Makes You Larger, One Pill Makes You Small” Spring/Summer Mini-Tour 2023 begins in late April (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee & North Carolina, USA).

Jimmy is also adventuring into the realm of video. His YouTube Channel (@jimmybroccoli) features short films of Jimmy (a former interpreter of the deaf) signing songs in American Sign Language and includes many videos of other poets reading his poetry and includes professional critiques of Jimmy’s work – with a live and exclusive (to the Jimmy Broccoli Project) full concert by musicians Marco Polio. A promotional video for “Rabbits” is scheduled to be released in May with other short films in the works to be released soon after.

Places you can find Jimmy and his work:

Facebook (Jimmy Broccoli)
YouTube (@jimmybroccoli)
We, the Carnivalesque (Facebook)

Available on and .uk

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