Mirror Soul Reflections

I feel I was doing this all alone. The whole time since we met, maybe I was doing this all alone. What I feel for you, I donno, a sacred connection, an unexplainable bond, an instant pull that defies the logic.
Never you felt me, never you felt the vibes. It is neither about love, nor about lust but trust and true reflections, pure soul vibration which is swinging back and forth, juggling hate and heartfelt, fighting logic and heart.
I was feeling all these mirror soul reflections all alone. I thought you too, I thought you were reading me. But I was wrong. I failed to notice you going away.
Oh! but did you ever come close..? Maybe it was all my false beliefs. It was all my crazy notions. I agree sometimes I let you go as you were so misreading me, as you were trying to label these connections being biased of the human rational mind.
And I was afraid of misleading you, I was afraid of being misread and more I was afraid of losing you too… but never I was far apart. Never could I.
And now you went far away. It is okay though it’s hurting for sure. It’s not okay even though I’ve learnt to accept everything as it is. Whatever I felt is forever, I knew it well as we are a part of the soul family.
I am not gonna give up on you. This feel is not gonna be replaced too as I still hear you and feel your waves. My instincts tell me you are not accidental. What we are having is so special that you will feel it too one day.
And I can wait…

Akhila Siva is a self motivated life long learner who believes in signs from the universe. Her poetry has been published in various literary magazines like Indian Periodical, iwriteher, Puzha etc. She is bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through her blog.

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