Non-Fiction Author of the Month: Barbori Garnet

Non-Fiction Author of the Month: Barbori Garnet

Barbori Garnet

I am a writer and author of Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life (Atmosphere Press, September 2021), artist, musician, and gardener based in Alberta. I enjoy writing non-fiction and write on remote work, home offices, gardening, and more. I have a BFA in Painting & Drawing from Academy of Art University and an MA Communications in Public Relations from Southern New Hampshire University.

Throughout the years, I have worked several different work-from-home and remote jobs including: pet sitting, marketing assistant, and music instructor. I was inspired to start writing about working from home because I wanted to share the things I learned along the way. In addition, I wanted to let readers know that working remotely could provide them with more flexibility in their schedule and freedom in their life. For example, the time that would usually be used for a commute could instead be used for pursuing a hobby, exercising, or starting a home-based business.

As I wrote my book, I began to realize that I also wanted to inspire others by sharing the work experiences of other remote workers as well as the variety – in size, shape, color, decor, and more – found in home offices. This led me to include interviews with remote workers, located throughout North America, and photos of home office spaces.

What if I told you that working remotely can lead to increased freedom, flexibility, and independence in your life?

Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of Life will help you: 

  • Work remotely through any age and stage of life
  • Understand the work-from-home mindset
  • Learn the skills and character traits needed for remote work
  • Discover the 7 different types of working from home
  • Gain insights and secrets into how 10 extraordinary workers from home across North America succeed and face challenges in their remote work

Bringing over 10 years of work-from-home experience in writing, marketing, and music, Barbori Garnet invites you to join her as she shares how you can enjoy the rewards of freedom, flexibility, and independence found by working remotely.

Resources included in the book:

  • Book Recommendations
  • Job Search Websites
  • Book Club Discussion Guide to help facilitate discussions for book clubs and groups 

Readers who are looking for flexibility, freedom, and independence in their work hours and schedule, lifestyle, and mindset would enjoy reading this book. Whether people want to work from home so that they could spend more time with their children and family, or travel, or save more for retirement, or pay down debt, this book encourages readers to create the work and lifestyle that is the best fit for them and their goals.




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Non-Fiction Author of the Month: Barbori Garnet

Non-Fiction Author of the Month: Barbori Garnet

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