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Naomi P Lane: Author of the Month

NAOMI P. LANE – LETTERS FROM MY DEAD SISTER As a child growing up, we have no awareness of our family’s mental health labels. Having a sister with bi-polar manic depression was my version of normal. When she turned into a totally out of control wild teen, nobody tried to explain it to me as…

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“Mystery Bug was a true labor of love,” he says. “Kids of all ages can be frightened by the unknown. We began to see those fearful looks in our grandkids’ eyes, so we decided to present the science surrounding germ theory and the habits that help keep us healthy in language they could understand. We…

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The biggest influences on his writing are Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges. Dreams and imagery are also an important source of creative inspiration to him and many of his stories originate from the scenarios and ideas in his dreams, or are inspired by images that he comes across on the internet.

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Our Inside Cover Story – Lynn Hesse

Lynn Hesse won the 2015 First Place Winner, Oak Tree Press, Cop Tales, for her mystery, Well of Rage. Her novel Another Kind of Hero was a finalist for the 2018 Silver Falchion Award and won the International Readers’ Chill Award in 2021. Her short story “Jewel’s Hell” was published September 2019 in Me Too…

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