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Our Cover Story

Hi there! I’m Jennifer Lieberman, a multi-hyphenate actor-writer-producer and have an ongoing love affair with the creative process. As a child when I wasn’t training as a competitive gymnast I fantasized about being on popular TV shows like Saved By The Bell so I began writing myself guest roles in fan fiction at 8 years old. Once I graduated from York University in Toronto I moved to New York City at age 20 with a duffel bag and a dream…and after years of perseverance, now that dream of writing and performing is my reality.

Our cover story Jennifer Lieberman

After years of pounding the pavement and knocking on doors with no success of breaking into the entertainment industry, I decided to take matters into my own hands and created the solo-show Year of the Slut where I played 10 different characters. This show proved to be my break and the play went on to win the Audience Choice Award at a festival in New York City and is now the Amazon #1 Best Selling novel, Year of the What? and the Scribble’sWorth Best RomCom of 2021.
Since deciding to make my own break I’ve appeared in over 30 international stage productions, have produced over 40 independent film and theatre productions and helped over 100 creatives make their own break through my coaching and consulting work. In the spirit of helping other creatives, after stumbling through recording my own audiobook and making too many mistakes to count, it was only natural that I would write a book to help other authors through the process. Sticking to my philosophy of encouraging others to create their own opportunities is how my book Make Your Own Break: How to Record & Publish Your Audiobook in Seven Simple Steps came about.
I’ve also penned a number of stage and screen plays including the short films Leash and Details which both screened at the Festival de Cannes Court Métrage among other international festivals. One of my favorite creations is the YouTube web-series Dumpwater Divas. Although it was a commercial failure with a dismal number of views, it was the most fun I ever had and I hope to revive it someday. I mention this because our greatest creative achievements are not always measured by their success but by the amount of joy they bring us in the process.

Make Your Own Break: How to Record & Publish Your Audiobook in Seven Simple Steps is a straightforward ‘how to’ guide for self-published authors explaining how to record and publish a manuscript as an audiobook. Best selling author, actor and producer Jennifer Lieberman developed this guide based on her background in filmmaking and film production, acting and performance coaching while stumbling through the process of recording her own audiobook. This resource walks you through what to expect in the process by breaking it down into seven steps from time management, necessary equipment as well as tips on preparation, recording and editing.

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Our cover story Jennifer Lieberman

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