Skip the Writers’ Learning Curve!

I wish I had a time machine because I’d go back ten years and give myself such great writing advice.

I always knew I would write a book one day. I spent years writing the beginnings of books but never finished them. I finally sat down and drafted my first complete manuscript while on maternity leave with my third child. It wasn’t easy to coordinate all three kids’ naps to create moments to write, but I did it. I had my novel drafted and I hoped it was great.

Spoiler alert, it wasn’t.

That amazing book that was exploding in my mind with all of its twists and turns just didn’t come together on the page. I’d been a business executive for twenty years. My grammar and spelling were top notch. But something was missing.

I didn’t give up. I was determined to do my book justice and so I took courses from some of the best writers, editors, and agents in the industry. I volunteered in my local writing community and listened keenly to those who had gone before. I got feedback on my work. I learned and became fascinated with the science behind how words on the page become a story to readers. Finally, my debut Young Adult Fantasy novel, The Fountain, was published and went on to sell thousands of copies and become a Finalist for an Aurora Award, Canada’s premier science fiction and fantasy award.

I was asked to speak, teach, and tour in schools, but I was working around the clock and had to choose between my job as a Vice President, Operations for a products company and taking the leap into ALL THINGS WRITING.

I leaped and I haven’t looked back. But I never could have predicted what would come next.

Writers asked me to read their work.

I shared what I’d learned and their books got better. I became an editor.

Writers then asked me to help them get their newest book projects started and provide them with regular feedback on their drafts, or help them build their author presence.

I discovered that I loved helping them follow their dreams.

That is how I became a Book Coach.

Through the community I had built, I met my first publisher, my publicist, and finally, my wonderful agent. I published two more books. I am now an Author Accelerator Advanced Certified Book Coach and I hear from writers every single day who want to know how they can take their writing to the next level.

And I want to help them all.

That is why I created Wicked Good Fiction Bootcamp. This eight-week digital course, available in March 2021, will include all the best writing advice I share with my book coaching clients, as well as tips from other gurus of the writing industry.

I can’t wait to share this course with writers everywhere and to celebrate, I am teaching a FREE Writing Masterclass that you’re all invited to. In this all-new Masterclass, available in February, I’ll share the three problems most writers have with their manuscripts, offer tips on how to fix them, and share the details of my upcoming Bootcamp.

Writing, like any passion worth pursuing, takes time to learn. But I can help you skip at least part of the learning curve. You have a story to tell and you want to do it well. Taking this Masterclass is your first step to making your next book one that readers will love.

See you there!

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