Agatha Christie’s Best Opening Lines

Nothing beats the excitement of beginning a book. Whether you are starting a new story, opening a recommended read, or revisiting a favorite novel, the sheer pleasure of those first lines is hard to quantify. While researching for a cozy, I came across this excerpt from a website dedicated to Ms. Christie’s works. I wanted …

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Are You Ready For Your Writing Conference?

Writing Conference Benefits and Essentials As writers we are constantly learning and one way to achieve more knowledge is to attend conferences. Not only do we learn new skills, outlooks, industry updates and opinions, but through networking with presenters, speakers and other attendees we gain valuable information, whether we are a novice or an experienced …

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Ready For Editing

IMPROVE YOUR WRITING READY TO EDIT At last! After months of work, I sent my novel-in-progress to my substantive editor. This is the editor who will delve into the overall story, characters, plot, and writing. She’ll point out places where I should dig deeper into my characters and flag scenes with ‘talking heads’ that would …

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JIMMY BROCCOLI Jimmy Broccoli is a Library Branch manager by day and a published poet by night with a mission to inspire his readers through imaginative poetic storytelling. His work has been featured within several publications – with Jimmy’s first two full collections of poetry, “Damaged” and “Rabbits” available through Amazon. His third collection, “Boy”, …

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Humor Writing – is SERIOUS Business

Humor writing in general is not easy and for the most part, it is not spontaneous. It takes practice and it takes knowing your audience. Because it is subjective, humor writing takes sensitivity. You might decide to do a piece about your Aunt Gertrude suffering with dementia.