Yes, I am tall
And towering too
Towering in all aspects
In appearance and aspirations
In fame and in faith

Yes, I know
I am not expected to surpass
Any man in any area
May it be in education, in earnings
And of course
Definitely not in stature

Yes, I know
I am not suitable for many of you
Those tuned to choose
Girls lesser in every degree
Thus, perfect and dutiful

No, I do not mind being branded as
Non- marriageable material
Lacking ideal merits of a suitable girl

Padmaja Battani lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. She received an MA in English Literature. Her work has appeared in Sierra Poetry Festival, Trouvaille Review, New Pages, Coffee People Zine, Bitchin’ Kitsch, Black Cat Magazine and elsewhere.
Her latest passion is hiking. She is currently working on a Poetry Collection.

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