The Power of YOUR Why

By Heather Andrews, Story Coach

This question is debated by each of us every day! Why am I here on this earth?  I know this past year I have asked myself this very question many times.

Why did I start my company?

Why don’t I close the doors?

Am I serving in the way that God desires me to?

After many days in reflection, I dug deeper into my WHY, purpose for my life journey and my mission.

It was a year of reflection for the world as between world Lockdown and Global Pandemic, the world stopped and what this made each of us stop too. Our story and lives were disrupted, there was so much loss as well as many gains, for me I am going to share with you an event that changed my life and helped me march on yet scary. The topic of Death and dying, how can anything positive come from losing someone you love?

My friend’s mom at 84 had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The months passed, she was being moved into a hospice. She was of sound mind but as the days went on, she had requested that her family discuss the option of MAID, medically assisted induced death. After much discussion with the medical team and family, her request had been granted. She kept asking to pass with her dignity and her words were: I AM READY to go home to my Lord.

This was a difficult decision for my friend and her family. That fateful day in September, 2020 arrived, we arrived at the hospice, her mom was asking if it was time yet. Hearing her say those words, made my heart swell and my eyes tear up. BREATHE I kept saying to myself. The doctor arrived to explain the procedure. The tension in the room was so heavy, one could cut it with a knife. Each family member knew that this was their mom’s last wish, yet it was so hard to know within 30 minutes, a woman who loved, influenced and impacted so many with her stories and was loved so much would be with her maker. The doctor presented the consent form to their mom to sign. While signing the document, she uttered her final words, I am ready. I think I felt a shiver go down my spine., The family surrounded their beloved mom, said their goodbyes while holding each other’s hands.  The injections were made while their mom’s wish was fulfilled, she fell into a peaceful sleep.

In that moment, the family was hugging each other, the room was so quiet except for the tears that fell.

I watched their mom and all I could think was the gift she had upon her passing:

She had surrendered to knowing her time was complete on Earth.

She knew she was loved and she celebrated knowing that all her kids were good soulful people.

She had impacted and influenced this world.

I left the hospice that day thinking to myself her last words. I AM READY.

In that moment, those words meant to me:

I had work to do but why should I?

How do I pivot a company to be risk proof?

What was my goal for my life?

What influence and impact did I want to be known for?

What was my legacy?

How could I dig a bit deeper to create the life I desire?

What was my personal why for how I want my life to be and that for my kids?

How did I make people feel in my company?

What difference did I want to make?

How would I do this?

You see my company was on the breaking point due to the effects of Covid with many decisions to make. The day that I watched my friend’s mom pass, it was like my life flashed before my eyes.

The realization that everything I had created in my publishing company and helping people’s lives transform by helping them embrace their own stories so they could share and inspire others to know that they aren’t alone was not for nothing. This emulated a new beginning.

Hence with the power of understanding your why, it will fuel you when things get tough and remind you of what your mission is. It is your anchor. Your why is how you share your vulnerability, it is a piece of your story. When you connect with story, the conversation is real and it helps people feel certain ways which makes you relatable and trustworthy.

In this time of reflection and uncertainty, the only thing within our control is how we each show up in our own life. The questions that I pondered were just these then I dug a bit deeper, prayed and journaled.

How do you define your why?

What have you overcome to be where you are?

What is your legacy? Your teachings?

What do your want your great grandkids to remember about you?

How did the items you overcame make you feel?

What are you ready to change?

I learned that I was meant for more which has to come from within with a belief that each of us brings our own unique brilliance to the world. I have redirected my company as I know without a doubt this is what I was put on earth to do. My why is to help change the world one story at a time helping those to do the same so that each of us can live the life of beauty and belief which is our birthright and God wants this for each of us.
What is your why?

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Cover Photo: Suju-foto (Pixabay)

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