The Truth About Rejections

The Truth About Rejections

By Suzy Vadori

Rejections and negative reviews are some of the hardest things about being a writer.

It’s true, you’ll have to take a certain number of these in stride if you want to stay in the business. We’ve all heard stories of famous authors who got dozens of rejections before hitting the big time. Many writers take these stories to heart and wear their rejections on their sleeves as a badge of honour. It’s easy to console ourselves, or pat other writers on the back and say, “it’s all part of being a writer,” or “they don’t know what they’re missing.” You might even get angry – blaming the reader for not getting your story.

The truth is, many manuscripts are rejected without being read to completion. Agents and publishers get thousands of submissions each year and can’t possibly read them all with equal consideration. Gone are the days where a good idea and correct grammar might get you through the door. Many publishers are looking for manuscripts that are already edited and polished. And if your manuscript doesn’t meet the mark, it’ll be rejected before it even has a chance….read more.

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