Too Many Choices Equals PROCRASTINATION

Too Many Choices Equals PROCRASTINATION

If you were to wander in my house you would find several corners that tell you that I’m a writer. Two computer stations, three or four gatherings of stationery and pens and a sprinkle of notes everywhere. My library of resource material is huge. Daunting. Likewise, if you were to wander in my head, you would be ping-ponged with ideas.

It’s good to have choices but often I have so many choices for my writing that I cannot pick one. It’s a trick of the procrastinator to list or to survey all the choices and ignore the fact that there is no focus. I am familiar too, with the variation procrastination trick of planning a course of action instead of choosing to write. This will look like the new file, new journal, or a detailed explanation of steps to achieve a goal. These are all good ideas UNLESS they are employed to avoid the project. It takes keen observation to know whether my efforts are leading me forward or spinning the wheels.

My friend just told me “What works doesn’t always look the same.”
She’s right. Sometimes I have to prepare a little. In the meantime, I choose to be grateful, rather than overwhelmed, with my resources. This is a place to pick a project. I may experiment with different forms: journal or blog, hand-written or typed, writer exercise or off the cuff, close to the bone or fluff. This means that while there are similarities between projects there is no formula. What works is what works and it doesn’t always look like it did the last time. Pick and go.

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Liz Betz is a retired rancher, from Alberta, Canada, who loves to write fiction. Her pastime seems to help her days go by, her brain to stay active and sometimes keeps her out of trouble. An overactive imagination is a wonderful thing to harness, but left alone…! Her publication credits are many and varied as she explores the fictional world of mostly somewhat older but not necessarily mature characters.

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