Untitled [poetry]

The blood oozing from

the flesh are my tears.
Tears want to portray
my hunger for you,
you being my soulmate.

Soulmates are never apart,
apart from people who
are jealous and obnoxious.

The seasoning of your
love savours me perfect,
perfect while walking
down the aisle with
you ever,

ever would I want to
vacate your heart,
hearts get gratified
when emotions compile

each other’s arms,
arms around each other
trigger the intimacy
forever and ever!

Akanksha Agarwal

Akanksha Agarwal is a multifaceted artist — a poet, dancer, singer, painter, musician and a home- maker par excellence. She gleefully embraces the diverse experiences and perspectives of life and pours it out in her creative pursuits. They spread an aura of happiness and love.

Akanksha writes from her heart, dreams with her heart, and being a people’s person, lives with her heart. 

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